Car Games Reviews & Tips

Car Games Reviews & Tips

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Playcraft is a world-recognized company that specializes in producing high quality pool tables, air hockey tables, foosball tables, and shuffleboard games. They also offer a wide line of accessories to accommodate their game tables, all made with the highest of quality materials and construction. Playcraft is known not only for the game tables, but also for the quality of work and for offering reasonably-priced home games and games for the commercial industry. One of Playcraft's most popular products is their air hockey games, which can be found both in homes around the world and in commercial venues as well. All of the Playcraft air hockey tables are not only affordable, but easy to set up, which is something that every Playcraft client truly appreciates.

A Playcraft air hockey table is made from MDF and hard mica laminate, and come with a full 90-day warranty against any manufacturer defects. Their tables are made with such quality that they have set an industry standard, and provide a number of styles, from sleek and simple to more elaborate arcade designs to spice up any in-home game room. All of the Playcraft tables include either a manual or LED scoring system, and a minimum of two strikers and two air hockey pucks. Some models also feature flashing lights and game-play sound effects.

A Playcraft air hockey table features a high-quality commercial-grade blower which creates a consistent and sizable cushion of air, and which reduces friction and allows the puck to glide along the table with a higher degree of speed. The table top features a hard laminate over the air holes for durability. The legs of the table are constructed with hard MDF and covered with a soft and durable plastic that is forgiving from the occasional kick or push but durable enough. The Playcraft tables also will accommodate a variety of different kinds of hockey pucks and different shaped and size pucks.

One of the best features of the Playcraft tables for home use, is that they are affordable for the average family. Another great feature is once they arrive they are very easy to assemble with average assembly time being 15-20 minutes, allowing for plenty of time for game play. If you have been looking to invest in something that will engage your family, and be a fun and rewarding time for years to come then you should look no further than the Playcraft air hockey table. You can easily assemble the table within minutes, and enjoy it for years to come, thanks to its durable and quality construction.